Products & Tips to Make Your Hair Removal Experience Better

On The Day of Your Visit

- Avoid drinking water
- Avoid caffeine intake
- Avoid rushing to keep you appointment

Rushing can make you tense and nervous. Plan to arrive at the office early to allow yourself ample time to relax for a few minutes before your treatment.

Numbing Products

Hair removal may be a little painful and this solution to hair removal may remove the pain for you.

Directions for applying Emla Cream or LMX:
1) Apply cream in small patches to the skin 1 to 2 hours prior to appointment, depending on your sensitivity
2) Apply thick amounts, do not rub into skin (avoid 'thinning' it)
3) Cut small pieces of plastic wrap (i.e. Saran Wrap, Cling Wrap) to cover the cream patches
4) Tape all 4 sides of each piece of plastic wrap to keep air-tight

You might want to come to our office for assistance with applying the cream, or you may use our waiting room to apply the cream yourself prior to your appointment.

Do not remove plastic wrap before your appointment, it will be removed at time of treatment by the electrologist. The plastic is removed from one area at a time, to allow other areas to remain covered and numb during treatment.

We sell the Lmx 4% and 5% in different sizes for your convenience in our office.