Electrolysis Versus Laser Hair Removal

If you have unwanted hair that you want to remove permanently, you might be trying to decide which approach is best for you: electrolysis or laser?

Laser Hair Removal

Mainstream laser units can only be used on those with light skin and dark hair. It can burn those with dark skin and does not give optimal results for people with light hair because the laser targets pigment (dark color). Advancement is being made in laser technology for those that do not fit the light skin/dark hair profile using a combination of radio frequency and laser.

Laser treatment depend on pigment to be effective, so hair with less pigment is much harder to treat. People with white, gray, or blonde hair are not good candidates for laser. Very light "peach fuzz" hair (called vellous hair) cannot be removed with laser. Results are unfortunately never guaranteed with laser hair removal.

Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis is a cosmetic procedure that is used to remove body hair. It is possible to use electrolysis to remove hair on any area of the skin, with the exception of the hair in the nostrils and inside the ear canal.

Unlike laser, electrolysis can be performed on any patient, no matter what color their hair or skin. Patients with heavy hair growth are treated with electrolysis because it removes hair one follicle at a time. A licensed and or board certified electrologist inserts a sterile needle into every hair follicle.

In closing

There is only one solution proven by the FDA to be effective at permanently removing unwanted hair from people of all skin and hair types. That solution is Electrolysis.