Hair Removal Testimonials

With over 27 years experience in the field of electrolysis hair removal, Abracadabra Electrolysis has accumulated a ton of positive feedback. Read what some of our clients have to say about hair removal in Manhattan's Upper East Side!

Permanent hair removal comfort & professionalism...

Nancy at Abracadabra is the first and the last person who worked on my facial hair. I'm not going to look for anybody else because she is the only one I trust. Nancy gently and patiently removed my unwanted hair. Not only is she a professional hard working responsible person but also a great friend who makes you feel comfortable by taking her time for you. She will accommodate your schedule and always will make you happy! I'm lucky I found Nancy and would recommend her to everybody who needs to get rid of facial or body hair. THANK YOU VERY MUCH DEAR NANCY!

— Evguenia

The only hair removal place to go to...

I have tried most hair removal modes including laser and have found electrolysis done by Nancy at Abracadabra to give the best results. It is truly permanent and safe making it a great value. Thank you Nancy.

— Eegecares

The only permanent hair removal that's worked for me!

I'm a fair-skinned, Italian woman & facial hair has always been an embarrassing and unruly problem for me. Because of my light skin and dark hair, I was told I was a perfect candidate for laser hair removal. After about 10 treatments @ $2,000, I still had a full beard and mustache! I had tried electrolysis years ago and it was very painful. My skin is sensitive and my skin had gotten very swollen and scabbed badly.

I had resolved to getting waxed every couple weeks for over 10 years. After some convincing, I started seeing Nancy about 1.5 yrs ago. I have had treatments now with Nancy & Jillian. I love them both! I told Nancy about my history & she is very careful to use a needle for sensitive skin & use a lower setting. Low & behold, something finally worked!!! The pain is minimal, but absolutely worth it! I trust Nancy completely and I'm still astonished that I'm almost (facial) hair-free! We have a few more treatments to go & I can't tell you how thrilled I am.

GO! You will not be disappointed!

— Melanie

Why I trust Abracadabra Electrolysis...

Almost 20 years ago I went to Nancy, CPE to work on my bikini area and to this day, I am still completely hair free! Now, I am pretty hairy and my hairs tend to be thick and black so if she can get rid of those hairs she can get rid of anything. Nevertheless, about a year or two ago I began to get some facial hair and decided to try what I had heard so much about: laser hair removal. Well I bought a package of 6 and even though I didn't have much facial hair they continued to grow back. Later on I went to a very well known laser spa and bought another package of 6! I gave up but later remembered Nancy and found her. My facial hair is now completely gone! Try her. She's immaculate, professional, licensed, and really nice. I sit in her waiting room for an hour waiting for my Emla Cream to numb before my treatment! Try her - you'll see what I mean. Those laser treatments really don't work and they DO hurt.

— Rubena

Certified and spotless...

Once a month, fantastic Christine works on me at Abracadabra and I have been seeing her for years. Now I only have to go a few times a year for a gentle weeding. She was recommended by my dermatologist at NY Hospital and I will be eternally grateful. She also works in the evening which suits my schedule. I know that Nancy the owner also comes highly recommended.

— Chris

Amazing results...

After a 10+ year quest to remove annoying, ugly, embarrassing facial hair I was reluctant to find a "facial hair removal expert". I have tried laser hair removal at the "trendy" places in the city, to the top plastic surgeons all across Fairfield County. I even tried electrolysis in Italy. And NOTHING compares to the results I've had with Nancy at Abracadabra. I have no idea what she did but it is working unlike any treatment I have ever tried.

As an added bonus, the electrolysis has also cleared up pesky acne on my chin and jaw line! I 100% recommend Nancy and can honestly say she has provided me with the BEST hair removal service ever.

— Courtney

The best thing I've ever done - it's painless...

Knowing Nancy Star for over 20 year she is the only one I would trust doing permanent hair removal on my body! I travel from Queens to come to Abracadabra Electrolysis located on 89th Street in NYC. Nancy is well educated in her field and treats her clients like family. I would recommend permanent hair removal to anyone and Nancy is the person to see! Refer a friend and do something special for yourself!

— Kelly Ann

The best...

I was referred to Nancy Star, CPE while she was renting space at the 92nd St Y. Although it is a nice to know that the Y still recommends her, I do have to say that I love her new office right around the corner on 89th Street. I didn't like going through the metal detectors at the Y or waiting very long for their elevators. Nancy's new studio is right off the street and very private. I never run into a lot of people in her office because her office is not shared by other practitioners. I like to sit in her cozy waiting area an hour in advance, with my Emla Creme to numb the area being worked on, and I never have to worry that I will run into another practitioner's clientele. Nancy has become a great confidant and I look forward to my visits with her. While I am getting my hair removed, I feel like I am getting a free "therapy session" by telling her everything on my mind. She is a great listener. She has done a great job removing my hair and I look forward going back to her each time to start on new areas of my body.

— Sam

Run don't walk...

I have been to so many electrologist places in the past that I was not happy. Then the doctors at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital referred me to Nancy Star CPE. I have seen immediate results. Her office is very sterile, she uses disposable probes and wears gloves. She has a very calming personality and I feel very comfortable with her. I highly recommend her. By the way I have also tried laser hair removal and it was not permanent like electrolysis.

— Carol

Excellent, Board Certified!

I investigated several options thoroughly before deciding to go with Nancy Star at Abracadabra. The big reason I chose Nancy is because she is C.P.E. BOARD CERTIFIED. I literally went to the board's website and checked to see who was listed in my area. I was willing to trek to the other side of town just to see her for precisely that reason. Surprisingly there are many working electrologists who are not board certified.

If you go to the wrong professional, you subject yourself to scarring. The great thing about Nancy is she is precise and you will definitely see results. I did work on my face and have no scarring from Nancy's treatment whatsoever. What's more, Nancy is friendly and personable and makes the whole experience easy.

— Nelly

Great results, great service

Nancy is very knowledgeable and understanding and gets the job done. She is just as passionate as you are about getting rid of every little hair! When I first visited her and showed her some of the issues I was having with someone else I was going we figured out that I was allergic to stainless steel. We immediately remedied the situation and my skin has significantly improved.

She was very realistic about how much time it will take and what to expect. So far, my results have been great and I have seen a drastic reduction (as evidenced by my less frequent visits). She is also great at accommodating you with evening appointments and trying to fit you in. On a more random note, while I am laying there chatting with her, Nancy has given me some random pieces of advice, from great local beaches to helping me find my wedding dress! It is a pleasant experience and you may even get help in other areas besides hair removal!

— Nancy

The best permanent hair removal in New York City!

I was referred to Nancy Star C.P.E. by my dermatologist on the upper east side. I originally went there for my eyebrows to be shaped. In just a few short visits my hair never came back. I enjoyed the time in her office so much I decided to start other body parts that I didn't even know you can do. Now I go there 1 hour a week and lay on the table and tell her check me from head to toe. Check my brows, upper lip, chin, breasts, abdomen,underarms,bikini line legs. etc. I also actually like the time to lay down on the table and unwind. Nancy is a great listener and really understands the embarrassment I had experienced in the past from unwanted hair. Now I'm not self-conscious at all anymore. Thank you I love you Nancy Star. C.P.E.

— Annie

Best Electrolysis in the City!

I've been seeing Nancy for several months and have seen noticeable results. The rates are extremely reasonable and the service is unbeatable. She is very friendly, experienced, and efficient. I highly recommend her services.

— Barri

Friendly and convenient...

Nancy is very friendly and made me feel at ease at my first electrolysis appointment. She is very knowledgeable. Great results and I look forward to going back.

— Joe